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Ten People of Hope

Over the last four years on our podcast, we’ve had the opportunity to share with you both the PRINCIPLES of living a hope-filled life, and key PEOPLE from Christian history who illustrate those principles.

Here are ten of our favorite podcasts regarding the People of Hope. We know you will enjoy listening or re-listening, to these inspiring stories.

1. Charles Tindley was born into slavery in Maryland. Self-educated, by the 1880s, he was pastoring small churches. By the 1920s, he was pastor of one of the first mega-churches on the east coast, and writing gospel songs still sung in churches today.


2. Ever wonder what the "Christian position" is on issues that divide people on the left and the right? John Clifford is a role model in learning to discern God's voice on social issues.


3. Sonya West. What does the Bible mean when it says, "To live is Christ, but to die is gain?" Sonya West's dedication to orphans in Haiti teaches us much about being fully committed of God.


4. Phoebe Palmer. Born in a time when women had few rights, Phoebe became a best-selling author and sought-after speaker. Here's her incredible story.


5. Lea Joyner. Feel overwhelmed by circumstances? Lea did. But God delivered her and gave her a message of deliverance for our situations.


6. Maewyn and Jehoshaphat. Two men with unusual names offer important lessons about trusting God through the most difficult adversities.


7. Leon McBeth. Dr. Leon McBeth was an austere church history professor. God led him to step outside his comfort zone and change the future for a troubled kid.


8. Peter Waldo. Eight hundred years before the "Where's Waldo?" fad of the 1990s, people were seeking out another Waldo who was leading a revival of hope in Europe.


9. William Okeley. People love movies and books about pirates. However, William Okeley learned the hard way about pirates' cruelty. Could William escape when all the odds were stacked against him?


10. Norman Borlaug. When Norm entered college to major in forestry, he never dreamed God would use that training to help him feed over 1 billion people. Here's Norm's amazing story.

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