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Meet Bear

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When I was ten-years-old, one of the highlights of my week was a new radio program hosted by Casey Kasem called, “American Top 40.” Regardless of what else was going on in my life, I worked hard to never miss that show. AT40 played all my favorite songs and provided insight into the artists creating the soundtrack for my young life.

As I listened to the voice of host Casey Kasem, I kept thinking, “I’m going to do that one day. I’m going to host a program that will be, as he said, ‘coast to coast and around the world.’” 


It was more than just a dream or a desire. It was a yearning I could feel deep inside. In fact, when I read about the dream of Joseph in Genesis 37:5-6, I could relate to his unquenchable desire to share it with others. My dream of being on a broadcast heard all over the world carried the same kind of emotive reaction. It wasn’t about “ego,” it was about doing what I was supposed to be doing, making a difference; the opportunity for “impact.” 

There was something important that needed to be communicated to people … I just wasn’t sure what it was.

Four years ago, that long-ago, (but never far away) dream was finally realized. We launched The Bear Mills Podcast, distributed worldwide by Liberated Syndication via iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, and other podcasting outlets. Our listenership includes people in countries all across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States. And that listenership is all because of word-of-mouth publicity, since we have no budget for advertising. But our podcast is talking about something far more important than the latest fads in popular music. We’re talking about how to have hope in a world where hope is on the endangered species list.

Hope became a subject of great importance to me when I was just a child, trying to keep my head above the emotional waterline. In my house, despair, yelling, poverty, violence, and alcohol abuse were plentiful. 

But I was blessed to have individuals who invested in my life, showing me things didn’t have to be this way. I talk about many of those people on the podcast. They were, for me, world changers, and it’s important to share their stories. 

My wife, Caryl, is an instrumental part of the behind-the-scenes writing and editing of the show. God often uses her to provide vital insights into a scripture we’re discussing or the wise pursuit of purposeful living.

With the launch of our website, it’s easier than ever for people to find our podcasts. It’s also easier to make our books and DVD available. We also now have a direct way to be in contact with those wanting us to share messages of hope during conferences, in-services, rallies, and church services.

Let me ask you, “What are your God-given dreams?” Though they may be years off, don’t lose hope. Don’t stop developing the skills that God’s going to use to create worldwide impact. God is using this time to prepare you for the world-changing things He’s calling you to do.

For me, God was working all things together for good through important experiences in the worlds of public speaking, writing, publishing, education, radio, sales, and ministry to prepare me for what’s happening now. Transformative, hopeful, purpose-driven living is what we’re talking about, and it’s exciting to have you on board for the journey!


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